The Blackfly have arrived

Yes, just because I said the other day that there didn’t seem to be much of a blackfly attack on the broad beans, now a few plants are heavily infested. It could be a lot worse though and the ones most affected can just have their tops taken out, but it isn’t nice nevertheless.

Broad Bean Blackfly
The dreaded blackfly on broad bean plant

Meanwhile the weather has returned to changeable, well it is the UK after all – temperatures are now 10deg C lower than the other day, with some rain showers. I have managed to get on with a few garden jobs though.

So I’ve added more string support to the broad beans, they are quite tall now and beans are now growing fast and producing pods (see below) so it won’t be long before we should be eating them.

New Broad Bean Pods
Broad Bean Pods


The french beans are now starting to flower, both those inside the greenhouse and those outside (see below). I noticed to day that the runner beans are in bud and will be flowering withing a couple of days.

 French Bean Flowers
French Beans in flower

I’ve planted all the peas from the greenhouse now, the remaining ones left to fill in gaps in the row sown direct into the ground. Also, the growbags are now full with tomatoes or peppers (one pepper only lasted one night – the slugs got it!, there was a replacement available though). So I’ve still gor a couple of tomato seedlings and peppers left. I’m loth to throw them away but it looks as if I’ll have to, still makes me sad though after all I’ve seen them grow from just a seed….. (sob).

Row of Peas
Peas (from greenhouse planted seed)

To move on – we’ve already had some lettuce from the pot full grown in the greenhouse, and the plants outside are just about ready to surrender a few leaves. The radishes in the grenhouse are poor mainly because they weren’t thinned out – I need to plant some more plus some rocket as well since none of the previous sowing appeared.

The courgette plants are now flowering madly, well two of them anyway, and courgettes big enough for eating can’t be far enough – followed by a glut no doubt….

Away from the veg, I finally got round to planting up our hanging baskets, two of them outside the kitchen. A bit late in the day, so the choice at the garden centre was pretty poor but they both have a red and white theme and when they develop a bit more should look ok.

I’ve managed to fit in a bit more hedge cutting – and I  have the scratches on my arms to prove it, but there is still plenty more to go at.


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