Seeds and Courgettes

Well the weather has stayed relatively dry, so I managed to get a few jobs done in the garden yesterday. The main achievement was to finally get some more seeds planted – so I now have rows of rocket (2 rows from different packets), carrot (different variety from the previous planting), pak choi and mixed salad. They are all in section B – more or less where the original rows were planted. Hopefully this lot won’t get eaten by pigeons as the protection is there now.

I’ve also had to take off the tops of half-a -dozen broad bean plants as they were infested with blackfly, but so far only one plant seems to have blackfly on the main part of the plant. I rubbed off as many of the blackfly as I could on that one -I may have to resort to the water spray method if the blackfly spread much more. I’ll need to take the tops off most of them over the next few days I suspect.

Today, I harvested four small courgettes for use in a stir-fry so the courgette glut has started… Broad beans are only a few days away from being harvested at the stage where the pod and beans can be cooked so production is beginning. I noticed that some of the tomato plants have flower buds now as well. Lets hope the weather stays reasonable for the next week or so to help things along.



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