I Knew the Wind was bad….

Yes that windy day left its mark – when I got down to the bottom of the garden yesterday I thought ‘that’s funny there’s a lot more greenery now’ – and there was – it was one of the lilac trees which had decided that lying down was better than standing up! So I had to spend a while yesterday and today cutting and sawing branches – and creating a large pile of bits. Now they will have to stay in a pile until autumn as there is nowhere to hold a bonfire in the garden at the moment, and there is the equivalent of several of our organic recycling bins full – which is full of hedge cuttings right now anyway – and I have other piles waiting to go in….

On top of that today I had to move 52 paving slabs from the front, where they had been delivered, to the back –  some of them are going to go under the shed, and others to be laid as paths in the veg beds.

So, not much actual gardening was done – mind I did put some plants (impatiens and petunias) into the front garden while waiting for the delivery. I did sort of weed a bit in the vegetable patches, but as the photos will attest, weedng is not my forte – I tend to leave it until I really have to do something about it, so my garden won’t ever be a ‘tidy’ garden.

One point has been running through my mind – I saw an article on another garden blog (sorry can’t remember which one) asking why we as gardeners grow veg that we don’t necessarily like. I was trying to think of examples in my case – but can’t really think of any. On the other hand growing too much of something – now that’s a different matter. We’ve still got runner beans in the freezer from several years ago and yet I have more growing now….. Hmmm – yes I know it’s better fresh, but runner beans in particular always seem to be in excess.

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