Not just growing but cookery now….

Yes this could become a cookery column as well… I harvested loads of broad beans over the last few days. Some on Sunday and others on Monday (see pic below).

 Broad Bean Harvest
Broad Bean Harvest

We had the Sunday ones in a stir-fry with some french beans and several courgettes from the garden (plus other stuff of course). The ones on Monday were treated rather differently. I had found a recipe in a Sophie Grigson book for broad bean and prawn pilau – but this meant shelling all the beans after blanching them, which took a while for about 12oz of beans (with the help of my son), see pic below.

 Shelled beans
Shelled Broad Beans (and their shells)

It was so successful that we may cook it again soon (only this time with chicken and probably courgette) – very easy to do as well. Also, it helps use the broad beans which are almost all ready to eat – I can see a freezing session coming on….

What else, well I actually did some weeding – and the weather again has saved me the effort of watering. Tomorrow looks like being a very wet day as well – such is the British summer….

I have spotted some tiny tomatoes already on some plants as well.

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