I Knew We’d Have a Glut…..

Well yes – though I’m not really complaining – but of course everything is now ready to harvest at once. So I am harvesting broad beans, french beans and courgettes. However, these are still not overwhelming the cooking ability of my wife – though we currently have four courgettes in the fridge waiting for the next meal. An example of typical harvest shown below: Tonight we had fresh courgette, broad beans (with their shells removed – my son is now an expert at the task) and french beans all lightly fried up with garlic and served with pasta and pesto – yum!

Beans and Courgettes
Beans and Courgettes

So what else – the tomatoes are coming on it’s just the ususal bsiness of keeping the side shoots in check. I’ve been feding them with tomato fertiiliser now they have fruit set. Which reminds me – why are tomato seeds always present in compost and survive? Wherever I use my compost in the garden tomatoes always come up later (I’ve pulled up 3 or 4 so far this year) and yet I swear hardly any go into the compost heap….

The lettuce are all doing really well, though lots more than we (and the guinea pigs) can deal with, but very nice. and the other salad seedlings are coming on, though I suspect need a bit of fertiliser to hurry them up a bit.
Runner beans are within days of having beans worth picking –  though I did see one today that really was ready. Another crop to eat then….
Sweetcorn is ok – though some variation between the plants in height – I suspect they may need a bit of encouragement as well.
The only real disappointment is the remaining sweet pepper outside the greenhouse in a growbag – it’s looking very sick and hardly growing. Meanwhile the ones inside the greenhouse are ready to flower.
The blackcurrants are startig to ripen now and looks like a good crop – provided we get them before the birds do.
Speaking of birds, our blackbirds are nesting again in bushes close to the back door (I suspect they have worked out they are safer there) – they are well used to me in the garden so don’t pay much attention to me now.

2 responses to “I Knew We’d Have a Glut…..

  1. I can’t believe I have never heard of Courgettes! It looks like a cross between cucumber and egg plant. I take it this is not one vegetable you would see in the local supermarket. I will be keeping my eye out for these…

    I do enjoy your articles, they have a nice down home air about them.

    All the best,

  2. Chris

    Thanks for the comment – as for courgettes, perhaps you know them as zuchini? It is a member of the cucumber family and normally eaten relatively small – up to about 7 or 8 inches, if left they can grow a lot bigger but don’t tend to taste as good.
    Look for them in Italian recipes

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