Yes we have some Beans, and more

Yes harvesting is in full swing now. We are eating runner, french and broad beans plus courgettes and for the last couple of days – mangetout peas.  The climbing french beans are now producing, just as the bush plants are beginning to come to an end.

Our salad bowl is full with lettuce (of several varieties), nastertium and recently some of the salad leaves planted in pots in the greenhouse. See picture below for a typical harvest:

Bean and salad harvest

My wife has just about managed to keep up with the courgette crop, we’ve had a couple of lasagnas filled with fried courgette during the last week – and very nice they have been.

It won’t be long before the tomato plants are producing ripe tomatoes – see pic below:

Immature Tomatoes

Immature Tomatoes

So I guess we’ll be looking at a few tomato recipes in a couple of weeks……

We’ve had dry weather for a few days now, and it looks like being dry for the rest of the week – so watering is now becoming quite a chore – particularly going round all the growbags.

The sweetcorn is just coming into flower – but there is quite a wide disparity in the size of plants, however all of them seem to be at about the same stage. See a typical plant below:

Flowering Sweetcorn

Flowering Sweetcorn

On top of all that – the blackcurrants are not far from being ripe:



 Along with all the crops, the weeds are growing apace – I’ve even pulled a few up – but finding the time to have a big weeding session is proving difficult, so the crop plants will just have to compete for now.

On the wildlife front a curious development the other day – I spotted a hedgehog near the back of the house in the morning around 9 am wandering backwards an forwards along the hedge bottom – usually carrying some leaves and twigs on its way back towards the house. Now, seeing a hedgehog walk about in the day is fairly unusual, but this went on for at least an hour – I even managed to video some of its activity. My theory is that is is a female and was building a nest to give birth. I haven’t delved about to check, and it hasn’t been seen since so we’ll see….

On top of that – the blakbird has been building yet another nest – somewhere at the bottom of the garden now! It’s beginning to smack of OCB.

And I haven’t got round to cutting the hedges again yet – even though they need it- been busy with a shed…..

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