Filling the Freezer

Yes – we’ve given up the struggle to keep up with the beans and peas – so a session slicing, blanching and putting in bags yesterday for runner and french beans plus manegetout peas. I suspect more may follow as production still exceeds consumption!

Courgettes are another problem – we did get rid of some of the backlog this evening in a courgette omelette but more are ready…..

The next glut is going to be tomatoes – there are lots and lots – all green yet but I have that feeling they are all going to ripen at once – so we’ll have to dust off the tomato recipes I think. Still we do like pasta dishes and they can consume quite a lot of toms.

The guinea pigs are consuming some of the salad leaves but we aren’t really keeping up with the growth on that front either. AND – I must confess i haven’t planted any more lettuce yet – but I will – honest   just need that spare time….

The sweetcorn is looking rather fine now and the cobs look as if they are fattening up nicely on at least some of the plants.



On the fruit front, my son and I had to tackle the blackcurrants today – one and a half pounds (800gms) off three bushes (two more to go). It prompted my wife to use up some of the frozen ones from some year in the past today! Quite what we will do with this years harvest isn’t yet decided – we have made ice cream, coulis and pies in the past so we’ll see – maybe just the freezer for now. Not only blackcurrants are ready but the brambles (blackberries to you folk not from the North) are just about ready for harvesting – and we have lots in the hedges. Now they go into bramble and apple pies of course (well some of them – we still have lots in the freezer).


On the wildlife front – cabbage whit butterflies have been laying eggs like mad on the nastertiums so it won’t be long before they are covered in caterpillars – good job I’m not growing any brassicas this year! Butterflies of any other variey have been noticeably scarce this year -though I did see a peacock on the buddleia yesterday. Rather curiously I’ve seen the hedgehog wandering off down the garden early in the evening a couple of days last week – very unusual in daylight – a mother looking for food for youngsters? A squirrel made an appearance as well – but we are ready…..

I have at least tackled some of the hedges during the last few days, and I cut the lawn last week….

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