You Go Away and Look What Happens….

Sorry not to add anything for a while but we’ve had a holiday – always a dangerous thing being away from the garden for a few days at this time of the year of course. What happened – well perfect growing weather of course – showers and sun. So the weeds have gone berserk along with everything else. This is just a short status report – more later….

Status now – the broad beans are over and need pulling up, and the lettuce is coming to an end (and I still haven’t planted more lettuce seed). That’s the things that don’t need a lot of work – on the production side – the runner beans are still in full production (I picked and froze a couple of pounds just before going away) also the climbing french beans (lots frozen also). The mangetout peas are also still producing (again some in the freezer) and the turnips are ready, though we haven’t eaten any yet. The sweetcorn aren’t too far from being ready, the ‘silks’ are going brown now. More courgettes (some still in the fridge from before the hols, though only a few on the plants now). The blackcurrants have almost all been picked (they are in the freezer).

However, the next big production crisis looms – the tomatoes. Thye have just started ripening seriously, we’ve eaten about a dozen since getting back. There are dozens threatening to ripen now, so it won’t take much to overwhelm our salad eating so the recipe books will be studied in the next few days I think for tomato rich recipes.

On top of that the brambles need picking…..

On a positive note the rain and my drip watering system (powered from rainwater butts) meant that the peppers and tomatoes both inside and outside the greenhouse didn’t dry out so a good result there.

Needless to say the grass also needs cutting and the hedges – well what do I need to say.

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