Summer is gone – but I never really noticed it was here…

Well as you might guess from the title – the weather has continued to be very un-summer like with rain and clouds with some sunshine. Temperatures are falling now as well.

What’s that done to the garden I hear you say – well encouraged the weeds for a start, and the hedges, and the grass. As for crops – well I am now harvesting tomatoes like mad – and supply is now exceeding our eating demand, but they are very nice and sweet. See pic below:

The broad beans have all been cut down – trimmed down to a few inches above the ground as some are still flowering and may yet produce a few more beans in a second growth….

The climbing french beans are just about over, though there are a few flowers still. Likewise the runner beans. The mangetout peas are still flowering well and producing. The courgette harvest seems to be over as well,  though there are some flowers they seem to be ‘male’ – it’s a good job as we were running out of wasy to eat them.

The lettuces are finally just about over and the salad plants in the greenhouse are on their last leaves – and I haven’t got round to planting any more yet either, so we may not have any  more now.

The sweetcorn is just about ready so we mught try a couple this weekend:

Sweetcorn just about ready

Sweetcorn just about ready

On the fruit front – the pear trees have been dropping pears all over the place thanks to the wind and rain making the paths a bit tricky to navigate – always the chance of squashing a pear or two. There are still some left on the trees though. The apples on the dwarf tree are looking good now:

Ripening apples
Ripening apples

They are a late variety so won’t be ready until the end of the month at least.

The brambles are producing well, and I made our first bramble and apple pie of the season last week – and there are more to pick now.
Wildlife – well we’ve seen the hedgehog a couple more times, and I was amazed to see a great spotted woodpecker in the garden the other day – out first sighting.
There is, of course, a need to cut hedges, and the lawn…..

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