After 2 weeks nothing much has changed

Yes, even though some time has passed since the last, and delayed, post was uploaded, not an awful lot has changed. The weather hops between rainy days and sunny ones (like today – sunny). Some cold nights, approaching freezing, and some quite warm (13degC).

Meanwhile the crops are just about over. The sweetcorn is finished, the remaining cob are either too small are past their best. The runner beans are still flowering and may even produce beans yet if the frosts don’t arrive first. I’m still harvesting tomatoes but there are only few left now.

The broad beans are all out but I haven’t dug over the ground yet. One thing I’m going to try if I get it dug over soon is a ‘green manure’ crop – I picked up some seed recently just to experiment with.

In the greenhouse, the peppers are still growing both sweet and chilli, the sweet ones are just ripening. The grapes are ready and I really must get round to picking them next week – and trying to use them to make some wine – if I get time.

We’re eating the apples but only a few left on the tree now and a few raspberries are ready. There are still ripe brambles ready to pick as well.

Talking of ‘free’ crops (the bramble just grow in the hedges) we suddenly had a crop of horse mushrooms (Agaricus Arvensis) in one corner of the lawn, under a bush. In the end far too many to eat, we had a couple of meals and gave some away before they got too ripe. The generally wet weather has meant it will be a bumper autumn for fungi I would guess.

Fortunately the hedges haven’t been growing too fast and I’ve only had to cut the grass once since the last post – but it is due to be cut again……

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