Autumn is Here

28th September

It ‘s taken a while to write but I haven’t been doing a lot in the garden recently. I’ll try and summarise the progress – or lack of it – over the last couple of weeks. The weather has been better during the last two weeks but before that was pretty wet – we had a sort of ‘indian summer’ during the first part of September, which is still carrying on to a certain extent – but looks like wet again at the end of this week.

The courgettes are over, almost all have died back, except one rather strangely has started flowering again – though I suspect it won’t produce anything.

The broad beans are now all out, including the roots – needless to say the secondary growth didn’t go anywhere thanks to the weather.

We have been the sweetcorn cobs, though some turned out to be past their best, but they have been very sweet.

The climbing french beans were all over a few weeks ago, and the runner beasn also. However, the runners have developed a second rash of flowers – though they may well not produce much.

Tomatoes – well I made tomato soup with over a kilo of them a couple of weeks ago, since then my wife has made two lots or rather delicious tomato ‘sauce’ (we used it on pasta) with at least as much in each batch. This on top of eating loads in salads, and just as accompaniment to snacks – so they have been very productive, all small ones. The ones outside the greenhouse have died off – I think hit by a near frost a week or so ago – so all the tomatoes are no good

I was interrupted while writing this and never got back to it – hence the unfinished nature of the article but now I’ve got back to the blog I’ll publish it anyway……

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