A Suprise Crop of Carrots

Yes -while sorting out some bits in the garden the other day I noticed I still had a row of carrots in amongst all the weeds – I thought I might as well pull half the row up as previous experience wih carrots was pretty poor. To my amazement I had a bunch of pretty good carrots, not only that but not all attacked by carrot root fly! See pic below:

A Crop of Carrotts

A Crop of Carrots

 We of course eat them (well – most of them) that day, and very sweet they were as well. We’ve had more since as well, and still some left in the ground.

Apart from that, autumn is well advanced and crops are mostly finished. The outside tomatoes are all over now and dying back or dead. In fact the ones outside the greenhouse (see pic below) have since the picture been removed, and the growbags ready to have their contents distributed on the garden.

Dead Tomatoes

Dead Tomatoes outside the greenhouse

In the picure above you can just see the tomatoes inside the greenhouse still growing ok. I am still harvesting the odd tomato from inside. Inside the greenhouse, the peppers are still growing but not yet reddening up, but we had a frost last night so we’ll see if they survive long enough to ripen.The picture below shows the sweetcorn plants – well and truly dead – they’e also been pulled up since the photo was taken.Dead Sweetcorn
I’ve also had to prop up the runner beasn which were still producing the odd bean until recently – in fact I picked some yesterday and we eat them in the evening. Before I propped them up they were in a bad way thanks to some gales in the last week (see pic below).
Collapsed Runner Beans

Collapsed Runner Beans

Apart from the above notes, I’ve done very little in the garden – I’ve pruned the buddleia bushes and one or two other things but some hedge cutting still needs to be done.
Wildlife – well we have been having regular visits from goldfinches visiting out niger seed container. We had a late appearance of butterflies on the buddleia a couple of weeks ago when they had their last flowers – mostly tortoiseshell. The house-sparrows and blackbirds are all pretty busy eating any food put out, particularly seed from the seed-feeders (the blackbirds collect the seeds that fall on the lawn).

One response to “A Suprise Crop of Carrots

  1. I came across your blog while searching for photos of lettuce seedlings. Thanks for taking the time to post your photos and comments about your garden! It’s a treat to read how ordinary gardens are doing in different parts of the world.

    It’s great fun to find surprises, such as your carrots. I recently found some surprise potatoes as I was digging up a bed to plant beans. Here in south/central Texas it’s finally cool enough to grow our winter crops — cabbage, broccoli, lettuce, carrots, beets, braod beans, etc. I’m still harvesting tomatoes, peppers, southern peas, and lima beans from the summer garden. Will soon dig up the sweet potato roots and peanuts.

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