Almost A Christmas Greeting

I thought it would be nice to wish all my (few) readers a Happy Christmas (even though it is Boxing Day) and a Good New Year.

Although it is Christmas, no sign of any snow round here – we had temperatures of 7degC yesterday with some sunshine. Right now it is clear skies and sunny with temp of around 3degC (see pic below – taken on a Boxing Day walk). This means of course that all the nasty bugs in the garden are still thriving – although we did have a run of frosty nights a couple of weeks ago. It wasn’t even chilly coming home from Church at 1:00am Christmas Morning!

Canal View Boxing Day

Canal View Boxing Day

Some of the daffodils are starting to push through the soil I notice so the first signs of spring, but the dandelions are still growing….

So I guess I should be planning for this years campaign in the garden – and digging the garden. Well not yet, I’m still in holiday relaxing mode, besides there are still Christmas presents to open, not to mention playing with the ones already opened!

So the garden, in the present untidy state, will have to wait a few days more (then the weather will worsen I suppose.).

I would love to hear any comments on Christmas weather and the state of gardens elsewhere – so if my reader would get in touch….

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