A Real Winter for a Change

Yes we’ve had snow as well as frosts – the first proper snow for a few years. So much (all of about 3 inches here) that school was cancelled one day which meant that my son and I could go sledging – great!

Greenhouse in the snow

Greenhouse in the snow

We did have more snow on top of that shown above. We even built a snowman in the garden

What this means of course is that there has been no chance to do anything in the garden – even without the snow (it has gone now) the frosts at night (last night minus 3degC) have meant the ground is rather hard…

Not really much else to report – only that this year the beans will be in plot C, which is almost where they should be in a proper rotation. I still need to get hold of the seeds etc and to make final decisions as to what else to grow beside the usual runner, french and broad beans. I’ll need to get the broad beans going as well…

Hopefully in a week or so the garden will be amenable to digging – the only upside is that the garden pests should have been well and truly zapped this winter. We’ll see…

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