Digging has been started

Yes it’s true, I’ve started digging the area earmarked for beans now – a couple of short sessions and half of it is dug (see pic below)

A start to the digging

A start to the digging

The dug area is the darker section closer to the camera – you can also just see part of the trench with compost for the runners.

Not only that, I’ve planted some broad beans into pots in the greenhouse. They are oldish beans (2007) so it’s a bit of an experiment. As sson as I have chance I’ll get a few more in so I can get them started as I’m not sure when I’ll finish digging the area and it might be a bit late for direct planting.

Spring is starting to look as if it’s on the wayy – crocuses are out and the snowdrops just about over. The daffodils front and back are well up and the heads turning over. Some miniature daffs in the back are just about out – they are always the first. We also have ‘elephants ears’  (Bergenia) flowering in the back garden.

Birds are beginning to be more active – I’ve seen great tits investigating on of the nest boxes and the goldfinches are actively feeding again, as are the house sparrows, blackbirds, etc. and even a thrush.

I suppose the hedges will start growing again soon…

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