There’s a Mouse in the House!

Well I just thought I would check on the broad beans in the greenhouse to see if they were shooting.  When I looked at the pots I thought I could see a ‘hole’ in the compost and I thought – ‘I don’t remember poking my finger in there…’ and then checked to see if the beans were shooting – just moving the potting compost away. But as Winnie the Pooh would have said – ‘the more I looked the more it wasn’t there!’ So I looked in other pots – the same story, bar one or two beans. The obvious conclusion – mice! That day I put a trap in the greenhouse – and sure enough the next morning, one dead mouse. Second night – another. We’ll see tomorrow if I’ve got the lot. Once I’m sure I’ve got them I can start planting beans again. Never had mice in the greenhouse before and I’m a bit puzzled how they got in.

On the brighter side I have been able to get on with digging, trying to do a bit eac day. So the bean patch is not only finished but I’ve added compost, lime and raked it over. Now I have two long cloches over it ready for the beans (see below).

Beans section plus cloches

Beans section plus cloches

Not only that but I’ve started on area C, to the North of the greenhouse, more or less half of that area is dug over now, so two or three more days should see that finished. I haven’t really decided what to grow there yet though.

There ‘s still a fair amount of tidying up in the garden to do as well.

Meanwhile, the cowslips at the bottom of the garden are just coming out and the primroses are well into flower. The celandines are not too far from flowering either so spring is really coming in.

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