More Seeds Planted

Well I have managed to get a bit more done since the last post. Now there are two lots of tomato seeds in pots – both ‘cherry’ varieties. Also some mixed salad lettuce seed planted a few days ago has started to come through. However, the broad beans planted (or rather replanted after the mouse problem) have not done very well – only about 3 have come through so far, though one or two more may make it – some have been affected by mould though. I’ve planted the remainder of the beans left from last year into some other pots now. As a backup, I’ve planted a double row direct into the soil under one of the cloches (a new packet – a long pod variety).

Aprt from the seeds, I’ve managed to get all the  currant bushes in – either in te ground or into containers. All the blueberry bushes re in containers as well. Some of the currants are sprouting away, but others are worryingly free of any buds – the blueberries all look OK though.

No mor exciting wildlife incidents to report – just regular visit to the nyjer seed by goldfinches, and the odd chaffinch. There have been quite a few visits to the seed dispensers by long-tailed tits as well as the usual great and blue tits. The blackbirds have been very busy in the garden but no sign of them nest building so far.

Just need to get the last section of the garden dug now….

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