More Seeds and Sprouting

Although the blog has been quiet I have actually been moving a bit as far as planting i concerned. The broad beans have come on a bit and now the situation looks a bit more hopeful. There are now around 14 that have come up so those (see picture below) plus some more I planted separately. You can see in the pictures below top left the empty pots where no beans have come up. Just below you can see another tray with four pots I planted later – the beans are just coming through.

Meanwhile I looks as if the broad beans planted outside look as if they have started to come through.

Seedlings in Greenhouse

Seedlings in Greenhouse

In the greenhouse as well as the broad beans there is also a tray of lettuce – coming on nicely (right hand side) , also several tomatoes are through now (the seedlings in the middle of the picture) .

There are some peppers planted, plus courgettes and cucumbers but they won’t be through for a few more days yet. There are a few french beans also waiting to come through.

The tray lower middle with seedlings has two kinds of broccoli – despite problems when growing brassicas before I thought I would try again.

Meanwhile, outside, there is still one section of garden to dig but I have started to remove the large weeds. I have at least trimmed the ‘Russian vine’ which occupies an arch in the middle of the garden – if it doesn’t get a good trim it’s liable to take over the whole garden.

The grass is now long enough to need cutting – but true to form it has been rainy every day for the past few days. The hedges have started growing as well…..

The blackbirds have been very busy all over the garden, and have been very happy to search the ground within a few feet of me when I’ve been digging. I suspect they already have chicks to feed – hence their desperate searching for food.

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