Two Rows of Beans

Yes, after all the problems with mice etc. (totl count 4 so far). I have succeeded in producing two double rows of broad beans. One from those grown in the greenhouse and another from those planted direct. The direct planting was missing three plants, so I filled those gaps in with greenhouse ones tonight. Below are the results – greenhouse ones on the left. There are at least two varieties from the greenhouse and a different one planted outside. I’ll fill in the details when I find the packets.

Two rows of broad beans

Two rows of broad beans

Note the slabs, I’ll be planting dwarf or french beans between those as well. The runners and climbing french beans will go along the fence at the right of the picture.

Meanwhile the digging is pretty much complete, I’ve finished section B, and spread the spent compost from three growbags over the area along with some ‘growmore’ fertiliser and forked it all in. Once more the male blackbird kept a close eye on my digging looking for worms.

Apart from that the seedlings in the grenhouse are coming along. This evening I noticed that some of the cucumber/courgettes were popping up and some of the curly kale as well. No more tomatoes have appeared for a few days, so it loks like a totoal of 11 seedlings, which may well be enough. The lettuce are just about big enough to plant out now and the broccoli are looking a bit ‘leggy’ but growing ok. Three of the dwarf beans are through now as well. There are still about 10 broad bean seedlings left in the greenhouse, so I’ll have to fit them in somewhere once they are hardened off. Still no sign of the peppers though…

I had to drag the lawnmower out a few days ago and mow the lawn, it was so long thet the sparrows were getting rather wary of landing on it in case they got lost! Of course this can only mean hedge cutting can’t be far behind.

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