More is growing – weather variable

The last post got as far as a draft then never really finished off. I’ll try and precis what has happened and what the current situation is in this – I’ll add some photos if the weather allows it…

Well, speaking of the weather, we did have about a week or so of fairly good weather after the last post – and I did get more done, but the last week has been showery and for several days we had a cold east wind which didn’t help the garden much.

So what’s the situation you may ask? Starting with the crops already in:

The broad beans are coming up fine and in dire need of some support now. In one row there are several plants in flower, even though they aren’t very high yet.

The lettuce and other salad crops are growing – though the weather has slowed them down. Some carrots have appeared by the greenhouse and one of the two pak-choi seedlings has disappeared… The spare lettuce plants not planted out I’ve put into a large pot in the greenhouse as they will be producing leaves for use pretty soon.

I have plated out two rows of broccoli seedlings – they are still struggling to get going properly thanks to the weather and several plants looked pretty sick to start off with, but now look a bit better, though the picture below doesnt really illustrate this


Broccoli seedlings

When I finally took the cloche off what would have been a row of spinach & spinach beet only one set of seedling had appeared – the ? spinach beet ones. However, I have some  curly kale seedlings in the greenhouse to plant out in that area.

The peas as usual for me didn’t all come up – about half the ‘full’ peas and maybe two-thirds of the mangetout. Foreseeing htis I’d sown 8 mangetout peas in pots in the greenhous and I’ve planted those out in the gaps. All seem to be coming on ok.

Three climbing french beans are planted out now, and three runner beans are acclimatised outside ready to go in. The other plants in the greenhouse are ready to go outside as well.

Below you can see the broad beans – climbing beans are planted against the fence beyond then and the peas are this side of the beans.

Peas and Beans

Peas and Beans

The fruit bushes are mostly ok – though one of the blueberry bushes seems to have popped its clogs – all the leaves have dropped off. One of the currant bushes (beside the one that never started) looks unwell at the moment but might recover.

In the greenhouse:

Six tomato plants (mostly small olive type) are in growbags now and one growbag is ready outside for some more – I need to get a couple more soon.


Tomatos in greenhouse

The courgette and cucumber seedlings are almost big enough to go out – I’ve prepared some ‘pockets’ of compost and fertiliser ready for them to go in.

Almost all the sweetcorn seeds came up and will soon be ready to go out. The two that didn’t I planted new seeds to replace and they have just popped up.

Some celery seedlings have just appeared, and some peppers have just appeared at last –  bit late I fancy but we’ll see.

Some french bean seedlings are just about ready enough to go out as well.

I’ll sort out the names and add photos maybe tomorrow..

The weather is set to be variable for the next week – and the hedges now virtually all need cutting which is going to be tricky to fit in!

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