Some Seeds Growin’ and Some Aint

This post written 5th May – not finished

Well we’ve had mixed weather since the last blog – showery, some sun and a couple of days with pretty constant rain. ‘Good growing weather’ my grandad would have said.

It’s a mixed bag though in terms of what’s coming up and what’s not. The broad beasn are doing pretty well – some of them are in flower already. They are going to need the ususal supports of canes and string soon as well. The peas planted nearby though are another story, I’ve never had a really sucsessful planting of peas.  If you look back you’ll see that there were two varieties sown, half a row of each. The mangetout type has produced about half the expected plants, and the ‘full pea’ variety only two or three seedlings have appeared. Meanwhile anticipating this, I had planted a few mangetout in pots in the greenhouse – and all of those have just come up. Don’t ask me why the outside plantings are always so poor – I’ve no idea.

Close by the rows of rocket & mustard have come up nicely, but of the ‘lambs lettuce’ planted between there isn’t a sign…

Over to the area near the greenhouse – a row of pak-choi type lettuce has produced two seedlings – and spaced well apart – so I don’t have to thin them out!

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