Weather still crummy but managed to get things done

The weather is still showery and rather more anoyingly is windy which makes it a bit dicey planting things out. However, in a burst of activity at the weekend I managed to get the beans strung/supported and the peas sticks in. One row of beans are well in flower now and are obviously a dwarf variety but I can’t remember which….

Also, I planted out the curly kale, or at least most of them, in the location where the spinach should have come up. It was obvious that the spinach beet seedlings were being attacked, probably by pigeons, so another set  of CD bird scarers have been put in – as there are over the broccoli rows.

I’ve now put three tomatos are in a growbag outside the greenhouse – though the weather meant they didn’t look too happy for the first couple of days.

I’ve put one of the courgettes out ready for planting, but again wit the wind today it wouldn’t have been a good idea – looks better tomorrow. The others aren’t far behind either.

The sweetcorn are now just about big enough to start planting out. About four pepper seedlings are through now and the celery seedlings are looking good.

I planted some basil in large pots – which is where I intend them to stay for now.

Two or three tomato plants remain and they will go into a growbag for under the kitchen window.

The pressing demand now is to get the hedges cut though, not really sensible while it is windy and showery, and the grass needs growing – though again it will have to wait until there is some dry weather….

Meanwhile, putting out the squirrel trap the other day (yes another squirrel has moved in) just led to our hedgehog being trapped again (he? must really like peanuts) so I need to try another spot.

2 responses to “Weather still crummy but managed to get things done

  1. Living Dead Girl

    Horrid weather for gardening when there’s lots to be done. I’ve had the pleasure of building a greenhouse in the blustery showers. Not so fun, but my seedlings will be grateful when they move into their own pad.


    • Hi
      Yes it’s been pretty awful – my seedlings blowing all over the place…
      I admire your persistance in getting your greenhouse built despite. Still now you can sit inside with a radio, mug of coffee and – well potter -despite the weather. Still time to get seeds planted and to get some tomatos in….

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