The weather’s still messing me about

There I was getting changed ready to tackle the hedges, all keyed up after a fine morning and – well you can guess – it started to rain! and accompaanied by winds again. So I cleaned out the guinea pig instead.

Later, the weather did relent and I managed to plant the courgette, replace a broccoli plant that hadn’t made it (I blame the wind), and move a growbag to under the kitchen window ready for tomatos (which are already outside ‘acclimatised’).


Broad beans - plus supports

Just thought I’d put in a picture of the broad beans to show I’ve actually got the supports in. – the white bits are lumps of polystyren to stop me poking my eye out on the canes!

Needless to say it is sunny, calm and fine now – but I’ve got to go out…..

I bet it’s fine tomorrow – just because I’m probably going to be out most of the day – harumph, grumble, grumble.

3 responses to “The weather’s still messing me about

  1. how big the broed bean pod grow i picked one but when i opened it was small how lkong it take to harvest can you eat the pods for cooking send me resapi would mor pods grow thank you

    • Omar
      You can eat young broad bean pods complete – just steam or boil them in water until tendere – they should only need a few minutes.
      Once the pods show the beans inside as bulges then it is better to eat the beans, the pods will be too tough.

  2. can you email me and

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