Some sunshine at last!

Yes the weather has finally relented and we have sunshine – well today at least. The forecast is ok for tomorrow but after that it looks like we might be back into showers.

Still the last couple of days have seen  some progress though. All the sweetcorn (24 plants) are planted out now – they are in the relatively shady area so we’ll see how they progress.

One row of broad beans is fully in flower now, and the second row just starting. The runner and climbing french beans are growing nicely – most of them are well up the mesh fence they are against. I’ve alos planted the french/dwarf beans between the flagstones. There are three more to put in as well – somewhere. The peas look fine – just starting to climb up the sticks.

The broccoli look a lot better now, and the curly kale seem fin also. The lettuce have started growing again now the weather has warmed up – soon will be ready for some harvesting. The rocket and mizumo are also nearly ready.

There are two courgettes and a cucumber plant planted outside – they seem to be fine. I’ve planted another cucumber plant into a pot (ex the currant bush that didn’t survive) and still have a courgette and cucumber to do something with…

The tomatos outside the greenhouse look fine, again looking better thanks to the warmer weather. The ones outside the kitchen are going to take a few days to pick up though. Two of them are quite weedy anyway (see below)….

Kitchen tomatoes

Kitchen tomatoes

Inside the greenhouse, it’s looking a bit emptier now – but I have filled some of the space up with a couple of pots of basil (just coming through now) and one of coriander. The lettuce left over from the tray full (the rest are planted out) and put in a pot are now big enough to be able to harvest. Today I put another 12 peas into pots ready to create a new row. The celery seedlings are coming on as well. There are now 4 pepper seedlings, but they won’t be ready to plant out for a couple of weeks though so may well not produce ripe peppers by the end of summer.

The tomatoes inside the greenhouse are already in bud and stand around 3ft (~ 1 metre) high (there are six of them).

On top of that I’ve cut a couple more sections of hedge (and with the scratches on my arms to prove it…)  However, there is, of course, more hedge to cut.

Just looking back at previous years, it looks like this year I’m a week or tow behind previous – and that we had poor weather for each May as well. So will things catch up – we have a predicted hot summer so maybe?

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