Blasted wind – again

Just when you think the weather is getting better – along comes another depression bringing wind and rain (starting yesterday). At least this time the wind is from the west so isn’t as cold, but nevertheless it’s not doing my beans any good. I’ve had to do more stringing to support the tall broad beans, and some of the french beans are being blown around so much I’ve considered staking them.  The only plus is the rain is saving me watering the plants outside.

So just when the tomatoes and courgettes etc. were thinking about getting a move on they are being held back again. We had temperatures of 24 degC on Monday and now it’s just about managing 10 degC – that’s British weather for you. It isn’t a surprise that the weather is such an important topic of conversation when you live through it…

Anyway, I’ve got the last courgette and cucumber into a growbag outside the greenhouse now, so that’s pretty much all the first lot of plants out now apart from one french bean.

Speaking of beans – the climbing beans are doing fairly well, but something has been giving their lower leaves a real going over – I suspect slugs but fortunately it isn’t too damaging to the plants as they are producing plenty of leaves further up.

Inside the greenhouse, the pots of basil are both showing seedlings now and it looks as if one pea is just appearing. I’ll have to get some more lettuce sown soon to make sure we have a continuous supply.

I forgot to mention that I’d planted some short rows of salad crops in section B, some rocket, lettuce and lambs lettuce so I’ll have to put some pigeon protection over them in the next few days before they start popping up. The sweetcorn close by are mostly thriving, apart from one which had been knocked over by something but I’ve staked it and it seems to be surviving.

Still, the weather is supposed to improve Friday and the weekend so we’ll see…

On the wildlife front – well too many pigeons attempting to infiltrate the garden but the CD scarers do seem to keep them away from the vital plants. No sign of the squirrel recently so I haven’t reset the trap yet. ‘Our’ male blackbird (or should it be ‘I am his human’ – it is his territory) is convinced that I am the source of food – whenever I work in the garden and move away from one area, he is down withing seconds to investigate the area I have just left – an takes little notice now if I walk near him. The blackbird chicks have fully fledged now (it looks as if only 2 survived) and still are hanging around annoying their parents and trying to be fed, though I suspect they will be encouraged to leave the area soon.

This is my 100th post (so the stats say)- amazing, and it’s proved useful to have the history of the last 3 years to look back on and check relative progress etc. So the discipline of blogging works for me as well as for my readers (over 20,000 views now).

One response to “Blasted wind – again

  1. Phil,
    Congrats on your 100th posting! We are now suffering from 30+ weather and strong sun. Tomorrow we’ll start our beans and whatever else looks good at the nursery. JJ has started his tomatoes – twice daily waterings. Fruit trees look to be prolific this year, so too, probably the avifauna. Enjoyed some of your rain and wind last weekend while back in Scotland (for the funeral). Thanks again and enjoyed seeing your garden.

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