Summer Made a Brief Appearance

Yes we had over a week of sunny weather, including amazingly, one weekend (we actually attended an outdoor meal and event in the sun!). Then, during last week it all fell apart again and topped by a very wet weekend, plus wind of course. Temperatures tumbled from over 20degC to less than 10degC last night – almost put the central heating back on!

However, some progress in the garden. All the french beans are in now, though some of those planted earlier are struggling to get going partly as a result of the weather I think, and partly as a result of pigeon attack.

The only things left to plant outside at the moment are the dozen peas – and I’m struggling to find where to put them, not to mention the weather (though it is fine today it is still windy, mostly cloudy and more rain predicted for late today & tomorrow) plus celery.

The climbing beans are now well up the fence, and the broad beans now have one or two baby pods (the row of dwarf type furthest from the fence) so maybe we’ll be eating a few in a week or so. The peas have started to flower, but as mentioned above, the french beans are disappointing – only one has really got to be full size and isn’t flowering yet.

The rocket and red mustard were being harvested while it was sunny and ‘salad weather’, and the new row of rocket is just appearing but I still need to plant more to follow on (the rocket is already trying to flower). The weather will have to buck up before we will feel like eating more salad.

The sweetcorn seems to be coming along ok, but one or two plants are still lagging in size. The salad rows in the same plot are slowly coming through. 

On the plot A the broccoli are now looking pretty strong, apart from one at the end of the row that has been got at by pigeons I think.  The curly kale looks ok as well, the the nearby spinach plantlets are still recovering from their earlier pigeon damage. The courgettes and cucumbers both in the plot and in pots & growbag all look ok, but have been held back by the weather. I’ve been harvesting the lettuce already in plot A, as well as those inside the greenhouse. The short row of carrots is still looking very sparse, but the beetroot, turnip and radish are looking a bit better.

The growbag tomatoes by the greenhouse and outside the kithen are looking a lot more healthy now, even the tiny ‘runt’ one near the kitchen.

Inside the greenhouse the peppers are at last in a growbag – four of them so they will need to get growing fast. The tomatoes are now almost at roof  level with plenty of flowers, some of them set now I think. The basil and coriander planted in pots are now seedlings, but the lettuce planted in a pot haven’t shown at all – looks like I’ll have to plant some more asap as the pot of grown lettuce is now just about harvested out. The celery seedlings are coming on – slowly, it will still be a week or so before they can be planted out.

So that’s about it – the only other plants growing well are the weeds of course and the recent rain will only have made that worse – and I’m not the most enthusiastic weeder so the rows of beans and peas are well infested with weeds underneath.

Apart from the visits of feral pigeons, which continue though the ‘CD scarers’ seem to have put them off the crops mostly, I have managed to evict the latest squirrel intruder.

Now of course the lawn needs mowing (but it is wet) and the hedges…..

I’ll add photos if I get chance.

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