Yes it might be Summer

We’ve had good weather now for over a week and the weather forecast is for temperatures reaching 30deg C next week. As a gardener of course I’m now going to complain about the lack of rain…

So I’ve had to water outside with the hosepipe over the last week and it looks as if I’m going to be out there next week as well.

Mind, one of the uses of the hose has been to remove blackfly from the broad beans – not a bad attack yet but enough – I’ve removed the tops from some of the plants already and the rest will have to be taken out soon. We’ve had more beans – small ones in salads and I think we’ll have big enough beans for cooking next week.

The mangetout peas are also producing now – again they’ve been used cut up in salads so far. The main problem with the peas is always spotting them I find as they tend to be identical in colour to the rest of the plant so there are probably a lot more ready than I realise.

The rocket and mustard rows are fully in flower now (good fo the bees) but I’ve still been able to find a few leaves for salads. The newer rows are still a week away from being ready to harvest though. The lettuce outside are all big and there’s no way we can eat them all, so I’m already feeding some of the leaves to the guinea pig. Still the concentration of plants seem to be providing a haven for the frogs as it’s damp under the leaves.

The kale and spinach beet are coming along nicely (see photo below). The kale is a variety that can be harveseted from the autumn onwards so it’s got a lot more growing to do.


Nearby, the broccoli are now sturdy plants. I’ve been feeding them regularly – they are probably too close together so we’ll see if that affects them. I’ll need to start checking for cabbage white caterpillars soon…

The sweetcorn seem to be doing ok, but may be held back by the shading in section B, it’s noticeable that the salad crops planted there aren’t growing as fast as elsewhere. Nothing much I can do about it until the winter when I can give the hedge and pear tree good trims.

The courgettes are well into flower and one plant has produced a rather weedy courgette, but it won’t be long before we are into a surfeit of courgettes. The cucumber plants are still looking a bit sad, but maybe the sunny weather next week will get them going.

The runner beans are in flower now – but the climbing french beans are not yet in flower, however the dwarf beans are just starting to flower.

On the wildlife front – another two squirrels have been evicted, and that leaves the area clear for now I think. The hedgehog has continued acting strangely, walking across the lawn up to the kitchen window in broad daylight the other day, and has been seen in daylight a couple of other times as well – curious.

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