Phew what a Scorcher!….

It’s all going to fall apart at the weekend apparently but right now we are having temperatures of over 30degC and not dropping much below 20 at night – I bet air-conditioner sales are rocketing.

Of course this means long watering sessions in the evening, if I get the time, and so far no water restrictions but given a bit longer without rain we could be in trouble.

This means the plants are growing pretty well – and it has got the courgettes and cucumbers going properly now (see below) – although one cucumber plant is still struggling.

Courgette in flower

Courgette in flower

The mangetout peas (see below) and broad beans are well into production so we are eating some most nights, either in salad or cooked. The runners and french/dwarf beans won’t be far behind as they are flowering like mad now.

Mangetout Peas

Mangetout Peas

The broad beans are suffering blackfly attacks though not really badly as yet.

Blackfly on Broad Bean Plant

Blackfly on Broad Bean Plant

The salad crops are a bit of a mixed bag, the lettuce are fine – far too many really, but it does mean instead of harvesting whole plants I just cut leaves from a selection of plants for our salads. The rocket and mustard have just about had now but the replacements aren’t really yet, so I’ve added a bit of flavour to the salads with nasturtium leaves (at least those not badly infested with blackfly).

I noticed the other day that one of the broccoli plants had produced the beginning of a flower head – so maybe they’ll be a bit more successful than previous attempts.

Broccolli plant

Broccolli plant

Inside the greenhouse the tomato plants are going to have ripening fruit soon I think and there seems to be plenty being produced. The peppers are slowly getting bigger as is the aubergine plant, no sign of flowers yet.

I’ll include a recent picture of ‘our’ hedgehog here – haven’t seen it again since last week but I’m sure it’s still around. I have a short movie as well which I’ll put up if I can sort out how to do it…

Hedgehog out for a walk during the day

Hedgehog out for a walk during the day

We’re still getting visit from goldfinches and the other ‘regular’s are pretty busy. Noticed a squirrel in one of the trees at the bottom of the garden this morning – looks like the trap will be going out again…
One worrying thing, I spotted two ladybirds the other day, about the only ones I have seen so far this year, and they were both ‘harlequins’ I think – they really do seem to have taken over. They’ll have to revise all the pictures used in children’s books at this rate – they won’t ever see the classic ‘2 spot’ or ‘6 spot’ types in the wild.

One response to “Phew what a Scorcher!….

  1. Im hoping my broad beans dont suffer like that..put a dozen or so in and should be due around xmas…not been attacked as of yet.

    came across your site when looking for images as a guide to how they should be growing…now know what those horrible little yellow things that took out my french beans in the summer were(Butterfly eggs) cheers for that!

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