We’re into the Season of Plenty

Yes it’s that time again when everything seems to be available all at once. The weather has also turned a bit like spring with showers and sun so no need to water the garden. The jet stream is too far south so we are getting the atlantic lows passing over us rather than to the north so we’re told.

The broad beans are almost all ready for picking and we’ve had several lots now – so the cookery books are being scoured for suitable recipes to make a change from just having them steamed. It’s noticeable that the ‘drarf’ variety (whichever that was) is far less productive than the much taller row – which I think are ‘the Sutton’.

The mangetout peas are also in full production with the usual problems of finding the pods in the mass of leaves, they are much the same colour making it quite tricky. Every time I search for more I find a few that have obviously been there for a while as the peas inside are getting big, and yet I hadn’t found them on previous visits I think they hide deliberately – still they are all edible. We have them both steamed (with hot meals) and raw (in salads).

The dwarf beans are also producing – with about 8 plants the are just producing enough for a decent portion every few days. fortunately the climbing beans (runner & french) are not producing yet but are in full flower.

The courgettes are doing fine – we’ve had two and there are 3 or 4 ready for picking now. The cucumbers virtually all have ‘mini’ cucumber on them, so we’ll see if they develop into decent sized ones.

The lettuce has gone completely mad – they are almost all huge plants, and as I’m only harvesting a few leaves each day it isn’t having much effect. Still plenty of leaves for the guinea pig. Some of the broccoli plants have heads big enough to harvest already. Also the spinach beet is ready to have leaves harvested.

On top of all that , the first tomato to turn reddish has just appeared in the greenhouse so they won’t be long.

Speaking of the greenhouse, as with last year something is eating holes in the leaves of the tomatoes and the peppers (no flowers yet) – I suspect caterpillars of something but haven’t caught them out yet – they are also too high I suspect for the resident toads to get at them.

Speaking of damage to leaves, I have a clematis by the kitchen window which has had great chunks taken out of a lot of the leaves, I’ve never seen that before and I’ve no idea what is doing it.

Lastly, I finally got round to planting out the rather large celery plants (they are too big to call seedlings now) in a trench near the sweetcorn plants – I did grow a few last year (seedlings from my neighbour) but they didn’t produce much we could eat (but the guinea pig liked what there was) – I’ll try to look after these a bit better.

More blackbird fledglings have appeared on the lawn recently, so I guess they had a second brood. I spotted a squirrel in the hedge the other day – looks like anther eviction will have to happen soon.

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