Need to get Started

It’s about time I got on with preparation in the garden let alone buying seed etc. The first thing ti deal with is the broad beans. So looking back it looks like the beans need to go into area ‘A’ in the garden this year. It’s still partly occupied by broccoli and calabrese plants but they can come up now. Still no decisions yet on other crops apart form the usual tomatoes and peppers in the greenhouse, though after last year I might grow one or two more aubergine plants.

The main problem has been the weather – we’ve had snow again this week as well as frosts so finding a day that is clement enough to work in the garden isn’t easy.

There is pressure from a different front though – the compost bins are full so I really need to extract some compost for the garden to empty them a bit. There’s also some tree and bush pruning to be done before I dig parts of the garden but area A is clear from that so I should be able to get on with digging soon.

Meanwhile I have a bin over the top of the rhubarb to hopefully force that a bit. The daffodils are coming through now and will soon be in flower.

The birds are taking advantage of the seed and ‘fat’ balls I have out – I’ve even seen blackcaps today visiting the fat, as well as the usual blue, great & long-tailed tits – even the blackbirds have worked out how to get at the fat ball.

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