A Belated Start

At last – I’ve started on the garden and although only a short time was spent there I did manage to get a number of tasks done.

The weather was fine and sunny this morning (and it still is) – a bit better than yesterday, we were on the edge of the depression that caused so much damage in France.

So I decided it was about time to get on with things. First off, I sat in what was a quite warm greenhouse and planted 16 broad beans, 2 to a pot (variety Masterpiece Green Longpod)  some of which I’d grown last year. In fact it became so warm in the greenhouse that one of the automatic vents opened (yes I’d not taken the expansion cartridge out over winter as I should have done).

Following that I cleared part of area A ready for the beans, so the broccoli plants and the kale (now tall sticks with a few leaves at the top) had to go. I did rescue some broccoli and kale leaves so they might go into something yet. Then I gave the broccoli area a forking over, fortunately I suspect because of the cold winter, not many weeds at all.

Not content with that I then extracted a barrowful of compost from on the bins – which meant I created enough space to fit in the kitchen and other waste that had been accumulating in plastic bags. Then I spread the compost over the forked-over area – much to the delight of the male blackbird who had been watching very carefully.

I also mange to tidy up some of the dead stems on plants around the garden – so all in all a good start.

The birds have been going through the seed fairly rapidly so all the feeders needed replenishing – especially the nyjer seed which the goldfinches have been queuing up to eat. Also, we now have regular visits from blackcaps to the fat feeder as well as the normal range of tits.

Sadly our last guinea-pig died recently, so no more bedding for the compost.

We have snowdrops in full flower and one or two crocuses just getting into flower and it won’t be long before the daffodils are out – spring is on the way….

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