Tree Cutting & More

A busy day on Sunday, a really sunny day with temperature reaching 9degC so a great time for working in the garden. 

I had already put a couple of cloches out over the planned area for the broad beans, plus adding a barrowload of compost into the trench for the runner beans, which I filled in.  On Sunday I forked over the bit next to the runner bean area, so that’s more than half of the area now turned over at least. See picture below: 

Cloches over bean area

Cloches over broad bean area


 The big job of the day though was trimming the trees and hedges around section B. The pear tree in the middle has become a real shading problem, partly because it is infested with ivy, so that needed heavy pruning. Also a silver birch in the hedge has grown a major trunk/branch overhanging into the garden which also shades when the leaves are out. Last year the crops in area B really suffered from the shading so the trees, and hedge were overdue for drastic cutting back and pruning. 

That took a few hours standing on a platform and working with saw and pruners – and boy has it generated a pile of cuttings – so the next task is disposing of that lot – looks like a bonfire coming up…

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