Spring & Daffodils

Well the weather has been mild, even warm, for the last week or so – daffodils are now well into bloom in the garden and rather worryingly the grass and hedges gave started to grow!

Meanwhile the rash of planting a couple of weeks ago has started to produce – the broad beans in the greenhouse are now starting to come through. I’ve also planted another tray full ( 8 small pots) of another variety ‘Express’.

Inside, the seeds which have been kept on the kitchen window ledge have mostly come through.  I had planted 3 varieties of tomato (Ailsa Craig, Gardener’s Delight & Sungold) plus some Aubergines and Sweet Peppers after the tree cutting exercise.

The tomatoes are not complete – the small type (gardeners delight) especially, so I’ve planted another pot full of those seeds so I have enough plants. The aubergines are all through and most of the peppers. I also planted some lemon grass at the same time and at least one of those is through, they are supposed to be a bit tricky to germinate.

I haven’t managed to get rid of all the tree and bush cuttings yet, the weather although mild has been showery the last week and windy – not really the best for bonfires.

So two sections of the garden not dug over yet – not too good, especially as the weeds are beginning to get a hold now.

Wildlife – well I know the local hedgehog is out of hibernation now as I found it in the squirrel trap the other morning. The blackbirds are collecting nesting material – not sure yet where they are building and I even saw two butterflies the other afternoon.

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