Vermin Problem

I though my broad beans in the greenhouse were coming along nicely – almost ready to plant out, but when I looked at them today I saw that about three of the shoots had been chopped off at the base – I strongly suspect mice – especially as it looks as if other beans have disappeared from their pots. So, the trap are out now….

Apart from that, the ‘express’ beans have just started to come through – still have a cover on so the mice can’t get at then. Also in the greenhouse, the carrots I planted weeks ago have now mostly germinated and some ‘red mustard’ salad have all come through.

So, to keep ahead of the game I planted some climbing french beans today – they will stay in the greenhouse as after a few days of colder weather the weather has warmed up again now.

Meanwhile the kitchen window plantings are coming along nicely, some of the tomatoes are just about ready to separate and plant out now – so I must get some growbags.preety soon. Two of the dwarf beans are through and a third just coming up so they seem to be ok. The only disappointment is the lemon grass, only one seems to have germinated so far despite the pot being in a plastic bag ‘greenhouse’.

Still waiting to have my bonfire – it keeps on being showery so no real opportunity. Spring has shown itself to be here by the  primroses flowering at the bottom of the garden. The currant bushes are all in bud, but one of the blueberry bushes is not showing any sign of bud.

The rhubarb has been growing under a plastic dustbin to ‘force’it – and taking the bin off today revealed plenty of stems so it looks as if a rhubarb pie is on the cards.

The birds are very active, and a new feeder further away from the house has revealed that greenfinches are present, a species we’ve only seen rarely up till now – but they found the feeder within a few hours and have been regular visitors since. Chaffinches have also been seen under the nyjer seed – which is being heavily visited by goldfinches – I had to buy a new bag full the other day they’ve been going through it so fast. As usual today, the male blackbird came to see what I was doing in the garden just in case I was producing and food while I was working.

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