Managed to Get Some Things Done

The good weather allowed me to get a few jobs done at the end of last week and the good weather continues so maybe I’ll get some more done in the next few days.

So, one row of broad beans is now complete, but still under a cloche but that will probably come off today. Meanwhile the ‘express’ broad beans are just about ready to plant out and there are still a few of the others left as well.

Three tomatoes are now planted out in a growbag in the greenhouse – one ‘Ailsa Craig’, one ‘Gardeners Delight’ and one small type (I’ll fill in when I check). One other growbag is ready in the greenhouse and I’ll probably put a couple of  the aubergine s and a pepper in that.

Other things coming through are some red mustard (for salads) in a pot in the greenhouse, a couple of dwarf beans (started on the kitchen window ledge) which will go into a pot in the greenhouse for now at least. Other tomatoes, peppers, aubergines have been repotted and are almost big enough to plant out.

Some of the mangetout peas are now coming through as well, as well as one or two of the climbing french beans, though no sign of the runners yet.

I started some basil seeds inside on the bedroom window ledge in a covered container a couple of weeks ago and they are now coming up.

On a positive note, the last blueberry in a pot has now showed signs of activity so it looks as if it has survived ok. The gooseberries are just starting to flower now as well and all the blackcurrants sprouting nicely.

The bottom of the garden (left more or less wild) looks very spring-like with cowslips, primroses and celandines all in flower now – the cowslips in particular have spread quite widely. I have remembered to put sticky anti-codling moth tape around the apple tree trunk as well, and it won’t be long before that is in flower I think.

Wildlife – well we know the hedgehog is up and about as I found it in the squirrel trap the other day – it really does like peanuts. Some butterflies also have appeared, yellow ones (not sure of species) and peacock (probably overwintered). The birds have been active, the blackbirds collecting nesting material, but I’m not sure where they are building. The ‘fat feeder’ is as popular as ever, with blue, great & long tailed tits regular visitors plus robin, blackbird & starling (they can reach from branches). The new seed  feeder seems to have lost its novelty value, I suspect that I need to change the mixture in it to something the finches like better. One new visitor the other day – Jackdaws – I’ve heard and seen them around for a few years but never actually on the ground – they did worry the male blackbird who kept well out of their way.

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