Beans, Peas & Tomatoes

 Yes I’ve managed lots of planting over the last couple of weeks.and the weather has been pretty good up to today. In fact too dry if anything until we had rain over the last couple of days. Today, the wind has turned to the north and it is below 10C and windy whereas yesterday it was over 20C and sunny.

So, while the weather was good I managed to get the climbing french beans planted out and the mangetout peas as well. Also, 3 tomatoes are now in a ‘planter’ with a frame for them to be tied to – a new innovation I’m trying this year for growing near the house instead of growbags. They’ve been in a few days now and seem fine. Another 3 days I planted in a growbag only yesterday, outside the greenhouse – bu they do look a bit unhappy today with the change in the weather, so I’ve had to shield them a bit.


Peas, climbing french beans and broad beans in that order

I’ve also planted out the aubergines into a growbag in the greenhouse, they seem to be coming along fine. Also, just the other day, I planted out the two peppers and another tomato – making 3 growbags now planted out in the greenhouse.

Also, I’ve had to get more planting and transplanting done – the basil planted a few weeks ago is now big enough to split up into separate pots, which I managed to do today – so now there are just a few seedlings per pot. I’ve also planted some more runner beans – the last lot never appeared, some just seemed to gone rotten and I suspect the mice have also had a hand (or paw) in their non-appearance.  Another dozen mangetout peas are also in pots now to provide a second row hopefully.

Today was a day best spent in the greenhouse thanks to the cold north wind, so I planted out some salad leaves (a mixture of lettuce, mustard and mizuno) into another collapsible container (I bought a set of 3 different sizes a few weeks ago) plus some rocket into a rigid plastic pot – I’m leaving them in the greenhouse for now until they germinate. I would have planted out more veg but I also needed to repot a load of flower seedlings I bought a while ago. I’ve also planted some parsley and lemon grass – although I planted some before, the parsley hasn’t germinated (a known problem – but the seed wasn’t new either) despite being in the house in a plastic bag. The last attempt at lemon grass (also in the house) produced only one seedling – which is struggling rather in the greenhouse now. Some of the existing plantings in the greenhouse are now being useful, the red mustard and rocket plated in large pots have already produced leaves for a salad the other day. The only disappointment in the greenhouse is the couple of dwarf beans I planted in a container, they don’t sem to be growing very well, and one looks rather sick. However, I’ve planted some more dwarf beans today – some of which will go outside when they ar big enough. Also, popped into pots today were some courgette and cucumber seeds but it isn’t clear yet where they will go as they were intended for area C.

The tomatoes, pepers and aubergines

Meanwhile in the garden, I’ve put canes, with the polystyrene ‘eye protectors’ on the top of each, around the broad beans, but haven’t strung them yet. The magetout peas also have sticks now, and one or two are already attached. Outside the kitchen I’d planted some short rows of salad veg, which were coming through nicely and then today I notice half the rows are missing – slugs I suspect, activated after the recent rain -so some replanting and slug pellets needed there. The tomato planter mentioned above means there won’t be a growbag in that spot this year, so I’m trying to grow more salad veg there – some of the basil will go there for instance.

The red onions I planted ages ago near the greenhouse have at last started to produce leaves – I was beginning to get worried, there are a few more that need to be planted but they will go elsewhere. Which brings me to the fact that I’m still struggling to clear the other areas of the garden (areas B & C) although I have managed to fork over a bit more of  B and that’s where some of the red onions will go. All the branches and twigs are now on area C and it just needs a decent bonfire to clear them up. The containers will come in handy to replace that area if I don’t get it cleared soon – though the courgettes and cucumbers will be a while before they are ready.

Not much to report on the wildlife, the blackbirds are stil busy and take an interest whenever I’m in the garden. The bee-flies have been active over the lawn and a few more butterflies have been about. I think I heard some swifts the other day so spring is really her.

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