Winter Has Returned!

Well not quite snow, and just here we seem to have escaped actual frost in the garden, but the last week or more have been pretty cold for this time of year with temperatures below 5deg C at night, so much so that the central heating is back on!

I’ve had to take ‘special measures’ to protect my tomatoes and beans already outside – I’ve put a cloche back over the climbing french beans, which were looking rather sad. Also, I shielded the tomato plants by the house and outside the greenhouse with plastic bags. Sadly two of the plants near the greenhouse seem to have suffered damage from slugs (very unusual) and possibly bird or wind damage – I have one replacement in the greenhouse but may need to start another off.

Meanwhile the plants in the greenhouse seemed to cope ok – the tomatoes are now over a foot high and the aubergines and peppers are coming along nicely.

Another set of peas will soon be ready to plant out, although not all seem to have germinated. No sign of runner beans, or some more french beans I planted yet.

Inside the house, most of the cuucumber and courgettes have come up, and are just about ready to transfer into the greenhouse. A couple didn’t, so I’ll need to plant a couple more (one courgette & one cucumber). Some of the parsley I planted ages ago looks like it has finally germinated inside their little plastic bag tents, and a few more lemon grass seeds seem to have germinated.

The weather is predicted to warm up to ‘normal’ levels from tomorrow so hopefully I’ll be able to unshield the tomatoes and beans.

A squirrel has reappeared – hopefully I’ll be able to take it for a ‘holiday’ soon if the trap works!

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