Spring is Back

Yes it has warmed up now so temperatures are a bit more like normal for this time of year. So good that I’ve had a burst of activity to try and catch up.

The bad news first, the climbing frecnh beans are now sans cloche, but they are very unwell, 3 of them are unlikely to recover I think – a lot of it is slug damage, but the cold weather started it all off. I have more beans planted in pots but none through yet. Also, only one of the tomatoes outside the greenhous is likely to survive, and that looks a bit sad at the moment. I do have one replacement, but may need to go in for a late planting to fill up the other space.

The broad beans in contrast look fine and indeed some are flowering  now. I’ve put some supporting string around them as they are now big enough to suffer from wind damage. The tomatoes in a ‘container’ near the house look fine as well.

The courgettes and cucumbers that germinated are now in the greenhouse repotted into bigger pots, they need to be a bit bigger before they can go out and I haven’t prepapred anaywhere yet, though I think several will need to go into containers thanks to the fact that I still haven’t finished clearing the last area of the garden – still piles of branches on it. I did plant a couple more courgette and cucumber seeds tody as backup.

I did manage to plant three short rowes of rocket, lettuce and pak choi this afternoon in the N end of section B, they should grow  lot better this year as there is much more light – but we’ll see.

What I didn’t mention in the last post was that hedge cutting has now started, I had to do the front last week and some of the hedge at the back needs to be cut already – and of course the grass is growing like mad despite the cold snap – it’s just about ready ofr a third cut now.

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