Already we need rain

Well now we’ve had a few days of warm weather (25degC today) I’ve had to get the hosepipe out to water the beans and peas tonight. The broad beans especially were looking a bit stressed. Inside the greenhouse plants were drying out left right and centre. I’ve even had to fill one of the tanks that I use to provide water in the greenhouse.

A new batch of climbing french beans have come through to replace the lost ones – 4 or 5 of which are just about surviving. I still haven’t planted out the peas that are in pots in the greenhouse yet. Also waiting to be planted out are some basil seedlings that are now getting quite big. The parsley which had finally sprouted in the house are in the greenhouse now and seem to be ok, amazingly another batch in the house hade germinated as well – this after many previous failed attempts.

A batch of mixed salad leaves I planted in a collapsible planted in the greenhouse are just about big enough to put outside now. Speaking of planters – all the potatoes I had (four varieties Pentland Javelin, Charlotte, Bonnie & King Edwards) are now in planters – and I’m adding more compost to those that have produced shoots almost daily, and of course they need a fair amount of water.

On top of that I was cutting hedge and mowing lawn today – while sweating in the heat. 

I have a load of perennial and annual flowers to plant out as well so plenty to do tis weekend.

The wildlife is causing a hold on cutting one bit of hedge near the house as a family of blue tits have decided to use the nest box and now have a family of chicks – so I’ll have to wait until they have fledged. More worrying – the squirrels been in the garden again….

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