Back to Spring

Yes that’s what happens when you complain – the weather takes revenge – we’re back to spring now, overnight temp below 10C and daytimes just about getting over 15C during the day – so relatively chilly compared to a week or so ago. On the plus side we have had a couple of showers so watering hasn’t been much of a chore.

Meanwhile I have managed to get on a bit in the garden. I’ve planted out  load of flowers, including petunias and mimulas with some ‘busy lizzie’ which had been hanging about in te greenhouse for far too long. Four of the second batch of  climbing french beans are now out – three of them replacing the original plantings which had failed completely. I’ve also managed to get the second row of peas in from the ones in pots in the greenhouse. Also, some basil close to the kitchen, again from pots in the greenhouse.

One of the courgettes was about to outgrow its pot – so that has gone into a soft plastic planter filled with old growbag and fresh compost plus some fresh garden compost – looks ok so far. A couple of the others will need plating out somewhere very soon. There are more climbing french beans almost ready and the one runner bean to appear so far is outside the greenhouse being ‘acclimatised’. Meanwhile both rows of broad beans are in full flower (see below).

The tomatoes in the greenhouse are now in flower, and the ones just outside have recovered from the cold spell, although only two of the originals are left, the third didn’t make it and has been replaced by a spare from the greenhouse. The peppers are ok, but the aubergines re now racing up and a ‘spare’ still in a pot is actually bigger! That will have to go in a big pot as soon as poss.

The early potatoes have grown really fast and have been difficult to keep up with adding compost to the planter, in fact it has become clear that I’ll need another large bag of compost soon to fill up the other planters.

I planted rows of rocket, lettuce and mustard a week or so ago and they are just starting to come through now but the mixed salad leaves in a planter are doing well and I’ve moved them out of the greenhouse to up near the kitchen close to the tomatoes in a planter which are also doing pretty well.

Greenhouse tomatoes

The tomato plants in the greenhouse

The tomatoes in the greenhouse above, with one of the peppers in front and a very sick dwarf bean plant in the pot to the right.

Rows of peas and broad beans

The peas and Broad Beans

 The mangetout peas in front, with the broad beans at the back. In between are the sick climbing french beans.

Salad leaves and tomatoes in planters

 Our blue tits are still rushing backwars and forwards to feed the chicks in the nestbox near the house, and I know we still have a hedgehog around as it managed to spend the night in the squirrel trap, The squrrel trap also hosted a feral pigeon the other day – I suppose they’ll eat anything so the greediness landed it ino trouble this time. Stil, I guess it won’t come back in a hurry.

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