Still Spring at the moment

Yes the weather has carried on being just so – not too hot, some rain and yesterday a bit windy. 

I have managed to make some progress in the last few days. The climbing french beans are mostly planted out now, the original ones are still looking a bit sick though – I do have a couple more in the greenhouse to replace them if necessary. Also, one runner bean is now planted (don’t need so many as we still have lots in the freezer…) 

Also, I’ve put a cucumber into the ground and one into a container now (see photo below), they seem to be surviving so far. Meanwhile I still have more seedlings in the greenhouse. Why do we always end up with more than we really need? On past performance we only need a couple of courgette plants to provide all we need. 

We’ve actually been eating some of the salad leaves grown in the greenhouse and container (now by the house) but no lettuce  as none of the seeds planted so far have come through. I planted a tray of seed today, but I think I’d better try some newer seed as well (they were dated 2008) as I think I have a packet. 

Also, I’ve planted some more peas directly into the ground alongside the new row planted a few days ago, so we’ll see if they come through. Meanwhile, there are one or two dwarf beans come through in the greenhouse, which is just as well since one of the two planted in a container in the greenhouse has ‘popped its clogs’. However, the remaining one is now flowering which is something I guess. 

Everything else in the greenhouse is ok except for one aubergine plant in the growbag which still looks a bit sickly. The tomatoes are doing well and into flower (see below). 

As far as wildlife goes, the blue tits have fledged at last (see picture below) so I should be able to trim that hedge now. We have also had a starling attack with what seems to be more than one family of starlings and their recently fledged chicks occupying the garden being noisy and taking all the contents of the ‘fat ball’  hanging in a bush near the house (see below). At one point I counted 11 starlings occupying the garden. 

I’ve also included a couple of other pictures to show progress below (broad bean flowers, apples). 

Starling & baby

Starling and baby above raiding 'fat ball'

Tomato flowers

Tomato flowers in the greenhouse

Bluetit & baby

Bluetit & baby just fledged

Courgette & Cucumber

Courgette & Cucumber in containers (cucumber on the left)

 Note the tomatoes behind – the biggest on the left was a replacement for one that was zapped by the cold weather. 

Broad Bean Flowers

Broad Bean Flowers

Baby Apples

Baby Apples

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