Enough Rain Already…

After almost a week of heavy rain showers I think the garden has had more than enough, but it is still overcast and drizzly today. The forecast for the weekend looks better though.

It has meant that lots of growing has been going on in the garden, especially the weeds of course.

The usual giving away and swapping of seedlings came to pass this week. I gave away a cucumber that was excess to requirements to my neighbour, and got some broccoli plants in return – all planted out now in area B, and seem to have taken well since the ground is wet and it has rained several times since. I also gave away a couple of courgettes, from past experience a couple of plants produce more than enough courgettes – there are a limited number of things that can be done with them. I’ve still got two more cucumbers to go out yet though.

The tomatoes outside are flowering now and the ones near the kitchen are pretty big now. Speaking of flowering, the broad beans are very much in full flower and in fact some have set and there are baby bean pods already. I’ve pinched the tops out now anyway, especially as this damp weather will almost certainly encourage aphids.

The potatoes are all bar the last planted, well above the top of the containers, and have taken massive amounts of compost to fill up as they have grown. I just hope they produce, I have been feeding them and keeping them well watered so it won’t for want of trying.

The climbing french beans are starting to get into climbing mode now, several plants have started to wind round the poles so they should get a move on now. Meanwhile, the one dwarf bean left in the container in the greenhouse has actually produced beans – and has been joined by a second plant now, with a couple more nearly ready to join them. I really need to plant a few more for growing outside.

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