It’s Hot & Getting Hotter

Yes, I knew complaining about the rain would work – now we need rain. It’s hot (28C today and 30degC predicted for tomorrow) and it means I have to be out with the hosepipe each evening. One area (the Lake District of all places) is threatening a hosepipe ban already!

Nevertheless, harvesting is in full swing now, the broad beans and mangetout peas as well as the salad leaves. The broad beans are small enough to eat either hot or cold (after steaming) in a salad. The mangetout also can be eaten cooked or uncooked (we had some in our salad tonight, with our salad leaves and some broad beans.

See todays harvest below:

Broad Bean and Peas harvest

Broad Bean and Pea Harvest

The tomatoes in the greenhouse ar getting quite big now, and even the ones near the kitchen have some set already. One of the courgette plants will have one ready in a few days and one of the aubergines (the one in a pot) is flowering now.

The climbing french beans are now well up the canes so should start flowering soon.

The potatoes in the containers have gone absolutely berserk, they stems have grown so big that they were falling over and I’ve had to put some stakes in  and support the stems with string wrapped around.

The only downside is the weeds seem to be thriving, especially round the beans that are being watered but I just don’t have time to tackle the weeding as well.

I disturbed a fox at the bottom of the garden the other day, which is the first time I’ve seen one for quite a while. One squirrel was evicted a couple of weeks ago but another was in the garden a few days later – but hasn’t been seen again since.

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