That’s Enough Rain Thanks…

Well we’ve had 3 days of rain now – starting off with gentle rain, just right for the garden, but now moving on to heavy thundery rain – less welcome as it starts to be damaging to plants. Of course the bright side is that I haven’t had to water the garden – and as it has been cooler (below 20degC) then even the greenhouse crops haven’t needed much water.

Still a few broad beans left to pick and a few mangetout peas but a bit of a harvest break right now until the french beans start to produce – won’t be long, I noticed some had set today and the are loads of flowers. There are some dwarf beans ready in the greenhouse, but only a few.

The big harvest news is that tomatoes are now ripening, I picked the first one a couple of days ago and I noticed today that two or three more are ready. It’s the small sweet type ripening to an orange colour that have ripened first.

first tomato of 2010

First Tomato of 2010


Lots of small courgettes now so we’ll be having those soon as well.

In the greenhouse, the ne mangetout peas are mostly through, 10 of the 12 anyway. One disappointment is the biggest aubergine plant which has had plenty of flowers but looking carefully I can’t see any that have set. Also the peppers, although there is quite a big pepper on one plant, again other flowers don’t seem to be setting. Something has been eating the leaves as well (I had this last year – some sort of caterpillar I think).

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