Sunny Again

We have sun today, although it did try to rain early  this morning. Now we’ve had a couple of days without rain, which is welcome.

The french and dwarf beans have now started to produce (see pic below) and a few more tomatoes as well. There are still a few broad beans left and one or two mangetout peas, although I harvested quite a lot recently. I must plant out the seedlings in the greenhouse in the next couple of days to get a new row going.

French Bean harvest 1

Firs harvest fo french & dwarf beans

A few courgettes are just about ready to harvest now and cucumbers are visibly growing. However, still no sign of any courgettess having set, and the peppers are almost as bad. Looks like I need to mist the plants with water from what I read to encourage the flowers to set.

The sun has encouraged the butterflies though – we have a white buddleia and seen this morning were a peacock and a comma were busy feeding. Not many butterflies about this year though, just a few cabbage whites and I think the odd ‘speckled wood’, plus a very dark winged type I haven’t identified.

Peacock butterfly

Peacock butterfly on buddleia

Comma butterfly

Comma butterfly on buddleia

One or two other wildlife points – I’ve seen very few honey-bees this year, is this a reflection of the problems affecting honey-bee hives? Plenty of bumble bees of several species but I think I saw my first honey bee this morning on the buddleia. Also, I’ve only seen one ladybird that is definitely a native species, all the others I’ve spotted (including one this morning) have been the harlequin type.
Also, another squirrel is ready for eviction.

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