Plenty is Too Much!

Typically the gluts are all coinciding causing real problems in dealing with all the crops.

First though, the weather, more typical ‘summer’ with a day of sun followed by several of showers. For instance yesterday was sunny, last night was rain and today it is very overcast with bouts of drizzle. Good job we’re not trying to enjoy the seaside…

So following the last post the climbing green beans have been cropping like mad, it doesn’t seem to matter how often I pick there always seems to be at least a pound or so to pick. So I’ve resorted to blanching and freezing most of them. Coupled with the brambles (I picked 3lbs yesterday for instance, and more to come) – which have gone straight into the freezer (joining another couple of pounds from this year) and the plums/damsens (still picking) it’s all getting a bit time consuming. Then there are the courgettes and cucumbers. I currently have 5 large cucumbers waiting for me to find something useful to do with them (see below), so I’ve been browsing for recipes (cucumber and mint soup looks a possibility). The courgettes seem to have gone through their peak, but there are some more. I had to make another batch of courgette, bacon and tomato pasta sauce yesterday to deal with some of the surplus, but there are more in the fridge. And there are the tomatoes  lots ‘n lots- the small ones are now going into the freezer also, others I’ve added into the pasta sauce but the main crop of the ailsa craig variety has yet to be ready – I’ve been eating toms with salad but it doesn’t make much og an impact. Tomato sauce looks like the destination for many of them (we use it up in pasta sauces).


Cucumbers - any ideas to use them?

The big downside is that what with other things, and the picking, blanching & freezing I have hardly enough time to water the plants in the greenhouse or do any real gardening – and the weeds are doing really well in the current weather conditions…
Then there are the hedges and lawn to deal with.

On the downside, no aubergines have set at all, I have at least dealt with the greenfly infestation but that hasn’t helped. Haven’t checked the potatoes yet – they are probably ready, but need to wait until we need some to eat really.

One encouraging wildlife point – I found 3 6-spot ladybirds on the beans yesterday, the first native ones I’ve seen for a while. Also there have been a couple of dragonflies hawking in the garden, we normally see them well before now, but they don’t like it too rainy I think.  I’ve evicted a couple more squirrels but annoyingly another appeared today – so the trap is out.



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