Autumn is Nigh

Yes we’ve had temperatures below 10degC a couple of nights recently – and although today was a Bank Holiday, amazingly it was mostly sunny! The last week has been very variable though with showers, wind and sun with the wind having a strong northerly component so pretty chilly at times. It has definitely felt like the end of summer.

So some  restrictions on being in the garden, but I haven’t had much time anyway – the rain has meant the weeds growing like mad though – the garden looks wonderfully green from the kitchen, but on closer inspection it is mostly weeds.

Harvesting has been still been an almost a daily ritual with the french beans and tomatoes being the main crop of course – still having to have blanching sessions for the beans.

Typical tomato and bean harvest (not the odd stray runner bean)

Climbing bean plants - atill producing

The cucumbers and courgettes are still producing, so there are still excess cucumbers in the fridge – (must have a go at that cucumber and mint soup recipe I found….). The brambles are still ripening as well, and currently I have about 2lbs in a fridge waiting for a decision on pie or freezing. I also managed to harvest more of the plum/damsens and they are now in the freezer.

Cucumbers and COurgettes

Cucumbers (lower part of pictures) and courgettes (upper)

Note the weeds – I’ve no time to do the weeding so the plants just have to fend for themselves. Not an example of good gardening practice at all…

The next harvest crisis will be the grapes in the greenhouse, which are just about ripe and there seem to be quite a few bunches. The apple tree is laden but they shouldn’t be ready until maybe the end off September (they are Lord Lambourne).

I did actually do rather more than just harvesting today – I pulled up what remains of the broad bean plants, and the first two rows of mangetout peas. The third row is just in flower now so weather permitting we should have some more pea pods.

The salad leaves I transplanted into the garden some time ago are now big enough to be harvested – I had some leaves with my salad tonight.

The small hedgehog who had a session in the trap a week or so ago managed to get itself trapped again – even though there were no peanuts! It (I have no idea which sex it is) must have remembered that it found peanuts there before and just wandered  in looking for some. It was certainly less bothered than last time – after I rolled it out of the trap it wandered off within a minute or so rather than staying still for ages.

Hedgehog - wandering off after release

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