Clearing It Up A Bit

A sort of start on clearing up the garden has at least started. I’ve cleared away the climbing beans and support, all the remains of the courgette and cucumbers plus the outside tomatoes. A couple of the tomato plants in the greenhouse  are bravely trying to ripen a truss of toms – and we have had a few days of fine and warm weather (12degC today) which should help. The peppers have gone as well but I’ve left the aubergines just in case the tiny aubergines get a bit bigger. I’ve also trimmed the grapevine right back this time before all the leaves fell off which save me scrabbling around for days collecting up all the leaves.

I’ve made a start on the pruning of hedges and related bushes but there is a lot more to do. Meanwhile the garden looks mor scruffy than ever (see below)

Scruffy Garden

Scruffy Garden 1 - note the lettuce gone to seed

Scruffy Garden 2

Scruffy Garden 2 - where the beans were....

The biggest effort has been to remove one of the shrubs at the edge of the veg plot – took a lot of digging and sawing but now it has been replaced by a new shrub.

Inside the christmas cactus is in flower (no idea of the time obviously)

Christmas Cactus Flower

Christmas Cactus Flower

Wildlife has been a bit scarce apart from the birds, although another squirrel has now gone on holiday.

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