Bit of Pruning

After a couple of weeks when I hardly managed to get into the garden I did actually spend a bit of time there this afternoon.

Back at the start of November I finally managed to get rid of the pruning debris left from earlier in the year by having a bonfire, appropriately on Bonfire Night (5th Nov). So that removed most of that pile. Since then not much has changed in the garden until today.

Not I’ve pruned the Buddleia, and one or two other shrubs – so now there is another pile of prunings – looks like another bonfire is needed….

The final two tomato plants in the greenhouse have now finally gone, and the aubergine plants – still happily growing but not actually producing anything (apart from two miniature aubergines on one plant).

Amazingly, there was a harvest of  sorts today – some carrots grown in a tall pot in the greenhouse and we did eat those plus some of the already harvested potatoes at lunchtime. Plus some tomatoes (not ripe) hanging on in the greenhouse.

There is still some hedge to cut though, and an awful lot of tidying up to be done – not to mention the front garden. I’ll just have to hope for some fine weather when I have spare time.

Another squirrel has been seen in the garden, but ignored the trap and it hasn’t been around for a while. Meanwhile the dunnocks think it is clever to go into the trap and steal the peanuts – between them and the hedgehogs it’s beginning to get tricky to keep the trap baited for squirrels.. No exotic birds have turned up recently, in fact the house sparrows have been mostly unseen lat alone anything rarer. The blackbirds have already started quarreling over who has rights to the lawn, but I think it is only initial skirmishing as yet.

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