Weather Cancels Gardening

No reports recently – why? Well the weather has been somewhat inclement recently with a couple of weeks of sub-zero temperatures (down to -10degC) plus a couple of inches of snow. We’ve had a few days of thaw now so it’s just about all gone but when I investigated some containers this morning I discovered ‘permafrost’ in them, so couldn’t plant the bulbs I wanted.

The only plus point is that I managed to plant a load of spring bulbs (narcissi, daffodils, crocuses & tulips) this morning in the front garden. I’d bought them about 3 weeks ago, but then the snow came…

So the garden is in just as big a mess as it was over a month ago – but at least I’ve got a good excuse.

The prolonged cold weather has led to a disappearance of the member of the tit family, despite there being lots of seed & fat  feeders in the garden. I was beginning to think they’d all been killed off, but this morning I saw 3 long-tailed tits on the fat feeder, so maybe they have been just keepint out of the way. The blackbirds have started arguning over territotial right already though.

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